Xmas for G.M.

December 13, 2011

This fall term hasn’t left much time for this little ole’ blog, much less my family or myself. I finally handed over the last of my final projects yesterday and can finally get back to my life. I’m sad to not have offered you some much-needed guidance in the gift department like I did last year (see here, here, here, here, and, oh yeah, here, here, and here, too). However, I can, rather selfishly, show you what I’ll be asking from Santa this Christmas – because I’ve totally earned it. Besides, each are so super-practical that they should be considered “needs” instead of “wants.” It’s actually a pretty sad list now that I look at it… I did way better last year, but times are tough and I’ll take anything.

Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoops, $18 at Sur la Table, for my baking OCD
Yellow Pop Herringbone TOMs Shoes, $54 at TOMS, for some pep in my step
Garlic Rocker, $15 at Uncommon Goods, which is way easier to clean than a press
Undecorate, from $24 on Amazon, for some inspiring spaces
I Am Not A Paper Cup, $16 at Uncommon Goods, because it’s so easy to clean
Takeya Glass Water Bottle, $20 at Takeya, because Ashley and Olin said so
Bodum Travel Press, $30 at Bodum, for those lazy days
LLBean Flannel Sheets, $107 for a set at LLBean, for these chilly winter nights
There it is, sad to say. And I know what you’re thinking – 3 travel drinkware options? Yes, I always have something to drink with me. ALWAYS.

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