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Canadiano, Crafted CoffeeDecember 19, 2013

Canadiano (from Fishtnk Design Factory) has redesigned the standard coffee pour-over with a block of wood. Using FSC-certified timber, a series of concentric circles are carved to form a cone, and a little stainless steel filter replaces the need for paper filters. The brew method is even similar to regular pour-overs, with a slow 2-4 minute pour. However, what sets these apart from the beehives is how the wood version absorbs the coffee oils and, over time, enhances the cup’s flavor (single origin beans, repetition of the same roast, and their Raw editions are recommended to really achieve this). Canadiano‘s current production includes cherry, walnut, and maple, with each species prescribed for different roasts. Walnut’s dark hues apparently help along those darker, earthier roasts (like Indonesian coffees) while maple and cherry capitalize on those citrus and nutty notes (think Ethiopian, Guatemalan, and Columbian). Perhaps my most favorite feature – easy peasy maintenance. Just a quick rinse after brewing to let those oils soak in. Honestly, I pretty much do this anyway with my Chemex and french press because I’m so lazy.

So let’s count up the pros here:

  1. It’s Canadian.
  2. It’s coffee.
  3. It’s wood.
  4. It’s sustainable.
  5. It’s virtually maintenance-free.

BONUS: The advertising:

Images & videos vía Canadiano.

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Schoolhouse Electric’s New Fall CollectionSeptember 18, 2013


While the wonderful fall weather is giving me great joy, Schoolhouse Electric’s photos of their new fall campaign are making it even better. They’re crisp and bright and a little unexpected with polka dots and graphic art. It’s refreshing to see how they’ve easily infused a little more life in a season that, let’s face it, can recede into dark tones after a long run of summer’s bright and airy aesthetic.

What makes me most happy about these images is that I can see the spaces coasting through winter and into spring. Schoolhouse still manages to produce classics (mostly made in the USA and by artisans, which I love) that can carry not only through seasons, but through different functions and spaces. Take their Wire Framed Trash Bin – I would totally make this a planter. Here are some more favorites:

(Clockwise from top left: LET IT GO Wall Banner by Ashley Brown Durand, National Parks Print by Ello There, Black Dot Teapot, Miles Desk Lamp, Herringbone Rug (a collaboration with Tess Darrow of Egg Press), and Wire Frames Trash Bin)


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Schoolhouse Electric at HomeNovember 29, 2011

I’m absolutely mad about Schoolhouse Electric’s new line of housewares and furnishings. It was an unexpected and pleasant surprise from an already favorite lighting source. They’ve collaborated with Egg Press (yes, the letterpress company) and Adam Arnold, a Portland-based tailor, for a complete catalog of items for every room in the house. The collection is a blend of traditional and mid-century, with handcrafted quality and warmth. I’ve asked Santa for some new bedding and have my eye on the colorful cabin textures on this bed.

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NestOctober 27, 2011

From the creator of the iPod comes Nest, an intuitive thermostat that “learns” your thermal comfort patterns. It pays attention to the climate, your preferred temperature settings, and your living/working patterns, helping to save household energy consumption (not to mention a few bucks). It goes on sale in November for a surprisingly affordable $249 at Best Buy, and claims to work with 85% of American HVAC systems. Bonus: It’s pretty.Check out how it works here and here.via hwentworth via 9to5Mac

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Mudpuppy + FABAugust 23, 2011

Mudpuppy is for sale on Fab.com today – just thought you should know. I’d love a little trio for my porch that the husband has been working hard to finish. Soon enough we’ll be drinking and listening to records out there…

PS: Need an invite to Fab to get amazing deals on modern stuff? Email me and I’ll hook YOU up.

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