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Moleskine Photo BookSeptember 25, 2012

Until my daughter’s preschool required printed photos of her a few weeks ago, I realized we hadn’t physically printed a photo in over 2 years! I always mean to, but there’s always excuses – the USB drive didn’t work at Target (argh!), the account login page at Walgreen’s was down the day I tried, my printer was out of ink… But 2 years? C’mon, Jamie. Get it together.

Well, now I’m smitten over Moleskine‘s newest collaboration with MILK Photo Books – aptly named the Moleskine Photo Book. Since we upgraded the family camera to a DSLR, we’ve snapped some pretty amazing shots of our kid and such. [Wait – rewind that a little – since we upgraded our lens for a larger aperture, we’ve captured some great non-blurry images of our running toddler.] While I’ve used other book-printing services in the past, the combination of both companies’ signature details make it a truly unique collaboration. Moleskine’s classic black journal, with its sleek lay-flat binding and rounded edges, gets an inset cover photo and a linen sleeve (with the plus upgrade) from MILK for a perfect modern family album.

Production starts in October, but you can pre-order right here. They’d also make for a great portfolio, yes? Or custom storybook for the little one? Oh, the possibilities!

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Career movesApril 11, 2011

I’m an interior designer, in case I never mentioned that. I live and breathe design in any form, really. Life is a composition for me. So trying my hand at photographic styling should come naturally, right? Well… sort of. I recently (translation: months ago but am just getting around to posting) borrowed my friend Gavin’s amazing kitchen and sweet camera skills to get creative. I severely underestimated the amount of time in preparation, which compromised our available natural light.  I guess it’s because I’m pretty specific when it comes to lining things up, assembling items on trays, etc. It’s what a designer does, right? We go crazy getting things just perfect. Luckily, Gavin’s kitchen (one of the many highlights in the 869 Compound) was rich with natural finishes and, being home to two skilled chefs, was also filled with fun accents like vintage baking pans and fresh produce to arrange (and rearrange several times).


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67 ParisMarch 2, 2011

A friend of mine stumbled upon a treasure chest of vintage photos and has commissioned me to help put on a gallery showing of our favorites from Paris. Come view the joie de vivre (and enjoy a drink or two… or three). Hope to see you there!

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Because there are 50 states…January 11, 2011

So yesterday I told you about Magnolia Photo Booth’s Portrait of America project, remember? (It wasn’t that long ago. And it’s right below this post. Duh.) Anyway, you still can donate right here, because who wouldn’t want more money? No really – even though they’ve reached their $30,000 goal, if we can help them get to $40,000, Alaska and Hawaii get their mugshots taken, too. And what is a portrait of America without those lovely states? Bonus: super-fun vacations for the Magbooth team! (They’ll deserve it after sweeping middle America, eh?) Did you know you can chill on the beach with bears in Alaska? And I hear Hawaii has some fun stuff to do, too.

So go donate – $5 gets a pin on the map and your name in the book that will capture their adventure. More money = more loot. There are promises of kittens at some donor level – KITTENS!

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Portrait of AmericaJanuary 10, 2011

I’m a bit behind in my emails, google reader, etsy, etc., but I’m catching up today. I’m bummed to have missed the opportunity to contribute the Magnolia Photo Booth’s “Portrait of America” project (featured here on etsy), but am pysched out of my mind that they reached their goal! CONGRATS! The project involves traveling across the country in an eco-friendly vehicle, capturing Americans – the good, the bad, and the ugly. A feel-good endeavor for 2011, indeed! Update: You CAN (and I am going to) contribute to the cause! Click HERE to see how.

I had the pleasure of getting inside one of their retro booths at the Renegade Fair last spring – they are way funner the the average booth, with a stocked tub of props for people of all ages to get really silly.

[Feeling generous? Want to contribute elsewhere? Help a young children’s book editor here.]

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