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creature comfortsJune 7, 2012

Bloom Room debuted a truly revolutionary line of high quality furniture… for pets. The French line, called Chimère, consists of a rocking birdcage, a kitty litter box, a “sofa” for small furry friends, fishbowl, and a hutch for even smaller furry friends (think bunnies, hamsters, and mice), appealing to lovers of all creatures, great and small. My favorite is the hutch because so little attention is ever paid to the habitats of tiniest furballs, often left to live in mud rooms and other places only seldom visited by its owners (I’m referring to the children who pinky-swore they would take care of a new pet).

Perhaps what us good parents need is a better way to incorporate the family pets into our living spaces… and add a not-so-subtle reminder to feed or clean the cage before picking up the remote. Chimère‘s sophisticated dwellings offer a new perspective on making all the members of your family live in harmony and beauty.

Via Fast Company


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Feline GeodomesSeptember 21, 2011

I’ve got felines on the brain since my 9yr-old tabby, David Bowie, has been sick this summer. I dropped him of this morning for an x-ray to find out if he’s better and will hopefully get positive feedback from the vet later on. Anyway, I came across these Geodomes by Elizabeth Paige Smith at Design Public and thought they’d be an excellent place for Bowie and his brother, Freddie Mercury, to hang out in style in the living room. Bonus – they can scratch away at the corrugated cardboard and NOT my furniture! You’d barely recognize my Jonathan Adler daybed since Freddie’s been clawing at it.

Throw in this Kittypod and they’ll never leave… except when you open that can of tuna.

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