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FiftyThree Paper AppApril 11, 2012

Though I always carry with me a notebook and a few different writing instruments for sketching, FiftyThree’s Paper app is quite intriguing. Watercolors with the mess (although that’s half the fun, right?), Rewind (don’t you wish you had a Ctrl+Alt+Del on your pad?), and custom journal covers are just the beginning of this fun and intuitive app. If only I had me an iPad… that’s a write-off, eh?via hwentworth

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Instagrammin’September 20, 2011

Hooray for Instagram! I use this app daily and am so excited for the new v2.0 features, like these filters. I like being able to take a picture and immediately reminisce as if it were taken years before. Instant nostalgia, so to speak.

Found via 9to5Mac (+ hwentworth)

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