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Merry (Belated) Christmas, From Us to YouDecember 30, 2013

This has been the longest holiday celebration we’ve ever had – almost a week full of dinners and family and long visits. The season was made longer by an ambitious Advent calendar and plenty of handmade gifts (like this, this, thisthis, and this – yes, there were plenty more not documented). I’m not complaining – we certainly made the most of our last one-child Christmas. While we wind down, I wanted to share my family’s holiday video (in lieu of cards). Catch a peak at my huge belly, some Bowie cat, and our humble tree decor. Many thanks to my husband for putting this together… and revising it to include some my favorite ornaments.

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Castor is French for BeaverJanuary 14, 2013

CASTOR IS FRENCH FOR BEAVER from Castor Design on Vimeo.

Take 6 minutes and 42 seconds out of your day to be inspired by these industrial artists / restauranteurs / punk rockers whose high-low design innovations are inciting greatness and mayhem all at once.

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Lilli CarreJanuary 11, 2013

While trolling through one of the blackest holes on the internet (that would be amazon.com), I came upon the work of Lilli Carré, a young cartoonist with hauntingly beautiful work. I originally judged her books by their covers (rightfully so, pretty as they are) and tagged a few for Lucy. Then I found my way over to her site, where I soon realized this ain’t no literature for youths. Well, not yet, anyway…

Excerpt from “Tales of  Woodsman Pete”

While I’ll hold off on sarcastic comics for the tween age, I myself was inspired by her work, including her “moving drawings” and the Eyeworks Festival she co-directs with Alexander Stewart, exploring old and new forms of experimental animation. Check out her site, tumblr, and/or blog for more, because this artist is on the rise, kids.

“Heads or Tails”

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Baby animalsJuly 13, 2011

Make things fun and people will spread the word. Besides, who doesn’t like baby animals? Small versions of larger things are always adorable. Always. [Found via Jenn Ski]

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Eyes + EarsMarch 4, 2011

SONG: The Kinks / “Well-Respected Man

ART: Angela Rossi / “Mr. Felid Portrait

A classic song for a sophisticated feline.

Have a great weekend!

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Only in Dreams?February 16, 2011

Suddenly I want to watch “Reality Bites” and safety-pin something. Real bad.

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Eyes + EarsFebruary 11, 2011

Today I’m representing for all the non-Valentine’s Day fans and for all who will have their hearts broken right before Valentine’s Day (bastards). Here’s something to get you through it.

SONG: Rilo Kiley / “Breakin’ Up

ART: Mari Lowery / “Wrong Number

Have a great weekend!

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Oliver+SFebruary 7, 2011

Check out this cute paper-doll stop-motion video for the new book Oliver + S has coming out later this month. It’s old-fashioned charm meets crisp modern fashion for kids – with some fun patterns for children, including tutus, backpacks, capes, and vests.

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Brennan GilbertJanuary 14, 2011

I believe in living a sustainable life, which is why I recycle. And this Black Keys video posted by Brennan Gilbert was too good not recycle as a post of my own (a little eco-friendly humor for you – you’re welcome). Remember when I posted his action figure packaging? Well, his blog is just as frickin’ awesome. I’ve been following ever since and it combines the perfect mixture of sarcasm and creativity in every post. Read it.

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Shark PigJanuary 6, 2011

This is going to be a good year. I can feel it. Watch this video by Shark Pig (found on the amazing website of Miss Ashley Meaders) and be happy, ‘cause good times are on the way!

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