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Mica Hendricks (& Myla) for The Working ProofDecember 18, 2013

This fall, Mica Hendricks‘ “Collaborations” post went viral, making the rounds on social media, blogs, and even the Huffington Post. For those living under a rock (or social media-challenged), Mica shared her artistic collaboration… with her 4-year-old. Having one of those myself, I commiserated with her not wanting to share her good sketch pad and artwork with some know-it-all tot:

In a very serious tone, she looked at me and said, “If you can’t share, we might have to take it away if you can’t share.”

Yeah. I’ve heard that before. As a parent, you have to walk the walk. As a designer, you have deadlines. And clients. And your own damn good ideas. However, sometimes that little voice (familiar in your own words) sends a double-dog-dare your way. In Mica’s case, the challenge opened a door to a new way of working and thinking. The great thing about what she did, and what I try to do myself, is to be open to the imagination of these little people. They have good ideas we can take advantage of nurture:

And from it all, here are the lessons I learned:  to try not to be so rigid.  Yes, some things (like my new sketchbook) are sacred, but if you let go of those chains, new and wonderful things can happen.  Those things you hold so dear cannot change and grow and expand unless you loosen your grip on them a little.  In sharing my artwork and allowing our daughter to be an equal in our collaborations, I helped solidify her confidence, which is way more precious than any doodle I could have done.  In her mind, her contributions were as valid as mine (and in truth, they really were).  Most importantly, I learned that if you have a preconceived notion of how something should be, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE DISAPPOINTED.  Instead, just go with it, just ACCEPT it, because usually something even more wonderful will come out of it.

The project has inspired many, with contests and charity sales furthering the good karma. I love the special limited-edition print available in the most recent The Working Proof newsletter. (If you don’t subscribe to TWP, get on it. One weekly email introducing you to new and favorite artists with limited edition prints that benefit a range of charities. Get art & help a cause. Win-win.)

Peacock Girl” features mama Mica’s head and daughter Myla’s dreamed-up peacock body, with a little polishing from mom’s pencils and paints. Mica chose to have TWP donate to Puppies Behind Bars (15% of gross sales!), a program where inmates train puppies to become service dogs for law enforcement as well as for the disabled. C’mon, who doesn’t love puppies? Read her interview here and grab a print for the precocious kid in your life.

Images & quotes from Mica Henricks. 

Pink Mermaid | Mr. Beever | Peacock Girl

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A Modern ChristeningJune 12, 2012

My nephew celebrated both his birthday and his baptism this past weekend. I had tolled over an appropriate, yet modern, baptism gift for a boy. I’d originally set on a print from Sharon Montrose‘s “Babies” collection in The Animal Print Shop, but was short on time and cash. Instead, I conjured up my resourcefulness to make something simple and special. My newfound love of embroidery (fed by Chez Sucre Chez) led me to pull some old fabric scraps, a hoop, and leftover floss to make a small (5″ diameter) wall hanging for little Henry Oliver. The design was a repeat of Lucy’s baptism invitation, one of my favorites in the archives (see below the jump for more).


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What I MadeAugust 22, 2011

Two years ago this week I was 60 pounds heavier and the house was clean and quiet. Now I find myself slimmer, but only due to cleaning up and running after a “high energy child,” as my nanny puts it. My Lucy Bear is getting bigger and smarter everyday. So, of course, we need to celebrate her 2nd birthday in grand fashion! I spent the weekend scouring thrift shops for fun decorations and such, as well as finishing up a little project:

After seeing How to Make a Number Pinata on Oh Happy Day! I thought, I could do that! Furthermore, I had just taken down the tissue pouf mobile over her bed that was actually made from decorations from her 1st birthday. Being the resourceful craftsperson that I am, I turned 16 poufs (I’ve made more over the year for other occasions), into a pinata!

I simply disassembled the poufs, cut off the 2-3” edges that were already scalloped, and glued them on with a gluestick. And, yes, it was pretty simple, though quite time consuming.

Lucy approves, which is quite important. You have no idea how long it takes for this kid to dress herself, pick out what to eat, or choose a bedtime book. She takes after her Mama… always wanting the best and never settling. It’s exhausting. I love the Wilco tee, hot pink short-shorts, and Crocs she put together this morning. Style.

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What I MadeMay 10, 2011

Image created with Instagram

Yesterday, Lucy and I had the day off so we went grocery shopping and I made tons of healthy, yummy food – something my brain and body needed last week during finals crunch time! Click below for the recipes:


– Fruit-Free Granola from Le Petit Appetit. I happened to have all the ingredients in stock so I went for it. It was the first time I made granola and, while it turned a little bland, I will no doubt be experimenting with some more flavorful versions in the future. We’re currently enjoying it with Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt and blueberries, but have a granola bar recipe on hand to use up the 6+ cups I made.

– A variation on the Spring Spread from Le Petit Appetit (the original version is way better but sadly my grocer was out of those ingredients!):

  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 4 tbsp diced red pepper
  • 4 tbsp shredded carrot
  • 4 tbsp diced chives
  • Mix well and enjoy on crackers, pitas, or lick it off the spoon like Lucy does.

Fruit Curry Chicken Salad: This calls for curry but I’ve made it before with cumin instead for a sweeter taste.

– Home-brewed iced tea: I try to keep low-sugar drinks at hand for all the times my husband whines that he’s thirsty. We like Irish Breakfast tea, and try to keep a caffeinated and decaf pitcher to quench thirst at all hours of the day.

  • Fill a quart container with 1/3 boiling water and add 4 tea bags.
  • Once cool, stir in sugar (about 1/4 cup, is necessary) and cold water.

Yay for spring and summer food and drinks!

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What I Made: Gertrude & WallyApril 12, 2011

Despite having a million things on my plate all the time, I always like to have at least one fun sewing project in the works. Here are some little lambs I just finished up for Lucy and her cousin-to-be. Their names are Gertrude and Wally (because what else would you name them?) I made them using organic cotton (Cloud 9 Happy Nursery), recycled PET content grey felt, and bamboo fill. Oh, how I love me some sustainable sewing!

Pattern found here.

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I’ve decided…April 5, 2011

This a common phrase my other half hears me say often. It means that I have found a new project or cause to take on. It doesn’t mean that I will come anywhere near accomplishing them most of the time, but it is a moment where I dedicate myself entirely to something, however fleeting. The famous decision he teases me about is, “I’ve decided I need to make a sofa for this room.” So that has been the running joke in our house, though I still intend to make a sofa one day! It’s on my life list, I swear. Anyway, I think I’ll share my decisions with you to give him a break once in a while…

So today, in this moment, I have decided that I want to find a project with an open space plan to lend my interior design skills (anyone in desperate need of how to outfit their huge space?). This home by Postgreen and Interface Studio featured in this month’s Dwell, inspired the “decision”:

Photo by Mark Mahaney

[Photo by Mark Mahaney]

Basic materials with little clutter – the way living should be. I’m in a purging mood, so bare and simple-to-manage interiors are drawings me in. The balance of this kitchen come together so beautifully – the equal-width upper and lower cabinets, horizontal straight lines of all the surfaces, and the character in the dining room table and concrete floor against the clean white and black. (I’ll take two, please.)

Photo by Mark Mahaney

[Photo by Mark Mahaney]

This nursery just speaks for itself. Clean and simple, though the other side of the room is a more realistic view of the needs of a babe. Now I find myself wanting to re-do Lucy’s room for a fresh start. She’s a toddler now and has seemingly outgrown her baby toys. She needs rooms for her growing book collection (and dress-up stuff she’ll soon be amassing, the diva she is!).

Be sure to check out the rest of the home here and try their Project Customization tool to create your own house, learning how to keep a budget with REAL pricing. You can check my design out right here.

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SpoolMarch 29, 2011

I finally got myself over to Spool in Philadelphia to drool over some pretty fabrics. I had a few projects on my list so I picked up the Cloud 9 My Happy Nursery bundle for a sweet quilt for our soon-to-be nephew. I also grabbed this linen / cotton beauty from Etsuko Furuya’s Echino collection for an Easter dress for Lucy. I’m thinking of making a pretty three-quarter sleeve tunic she can wear with leggings in the spring. [We’ll see – might need to make a tank to accommodate her chub arms.]

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Keep Calm: Art by Helen LangMarch 16, 2011

Another lovely limited edition print from Keep Calm Gallery – this time from a new artist:

Helen Lang is an illustrator living and working in South West London where she spends her time developing her decorative line work and typography. Powered by tea and bourbon biscuits and inspired by legends such as Charley Harper and Tony Hart!

Helen joins Keep Calm Gallery with this beautiful limited edition print of her animal alphabet illustration, Animalphabet. In this superb illustration Helen has drawn a whole host of handsome animals from Anteater to Zebra!

Screen printed in two colours on textured off-white fine art paper. Each print has been signed and numbered by the artist in a limited edition of just 100 prints. [via Keep Calm Gallery]

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Stella McCartney Spring/Summer 2011March 7, 2011

I wish I was as concerned about my wardrobe as I was about my daughter’s. After all, she will outgrow her clothes in one season whereas my clothes will last years. However, browsing kids’ fashion has me re-thinking color and staples for myself. Stella McCartney’s spring/summer line is full of rich color and classic shapes, from bold-printed tunics to sweet pastel blouses. Sitting here in my layers of grey, perhaps a bit of color will propel me into spring!

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Flour VintageFebruary 18, 2011

Flour Clothing is serving up some great kids and adult vintage clothing. I have to admit that I love dressing my kid up all adorable-like, and don’t mind wearing my own rags. (No one pays attention to the parents and a cute kid, anyway.)

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