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Canadiano, Crafted CoffeeDecember 19, 2013

Canadiano (from Fishtnk Design Factory) has redesigned the standard coffee pour-over with a block of wood. Using FSC-certified timber, a series of concentric circles are carved to form a cone, and a little stainless steel filter replaces the need for paper filters. The brew method is even similar to regular pour-overs, with a slow 2-4 minute pour. However, what sets these apart from the beehives is how the wood version absorbs the coffee oils and, over time, enhances the cup’s flavor (single origin beans, repetition of the same roast, and their Raw editions are recommended to really achieve this). Canadiano‘s current production includes cherry, walnut, and maple, with each species prescribed for different roasts. Walnut’s dark hues apparently help along those darker, earthier roasts (like Indonesian coffees) while maple and cherry capitalize on those citrus and nutty notes (think Ethiopian, Guatemalan, and Columbian). Perhaps my most favorite feature – easy peasy maintenance. Just a quick rinse after brewing to let those oils soak in. Honestly, I pretty much do this anyway with my Chemex and french press because I’m so lazy.

So let’s count up the pros here:

  1. It’s Canadian.
  2. It’s coffee.
  3. It’s wood.
  4. It’s sustainable.
  5. It’s virtually maintenance-free.

BONUS: The advertising:

Images & videos vía Canadiano.

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Feline GeodomesSeptember 21, 2011

I’ve got felines on the brain since my 9yr-old tabby, David Bowie, has been sick this summer. I dropped him of this morning for an x-ray to find out if he’s better and will hopefully get positive feedback from the vet later on. Anyway, I came across these Geodomes by Elizabeth Paige Smith at Design Public and thought they’d be an excellent place for Bowie and his brother, Freddie Mercury, to hang out in style in the living room. Bonus – they can scratch away at the corrugated cardboard and NOT my furniture! You’d barely recognize my Jonathan Adler daybed since Freddie’s been clawing at it.

Throw in this Kittypod and they’ll never leave… except when you open that can of tuna.

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CopenhagenJune 11, 2011

Wonderful Copenhagen Poster by Viggo Vagnby – Barewalls.com

I am off to Denmark tomorrow! For three glorious weeks I will be studying sustainable technology and culture through DIS in the happiest place on earth. When I first heard of this opportunity through my professor, I immediately came home and said to my husband, “There is a study abroad trip for my program. It’s in Denmark. It’s only three weeks.” His response: “You have to go.”

If I didn’t know how much I loved him before, I knew it then. This trip was meant to be for me – I’ve always wanted to visit Scandinavia (my favorite design landmark) and I’d missed my chance to study abroad as an undergrad. However, it also means leaving my baby for almost a month! I’ll miss her so much and as hard as it is to do, I considered the fact that she is young enough not to remember I abandoned her and that also I didn’t want to regret missing this perfect opportunity. Now that I’m finally going, I’m sad to leave, but know that I’ll be back before I know it and she’ll be starting kindergarten soonafter. Sigh.

I’m pretty excited, though. And it’s not like I’m taking a vacation – I’ll be in class and doing homework, too. This course is hard core. It explores climate change, as well as environmental and social aspects of sustainable design through policy and practice. We’ll visit local companies to interview their perspective and experience on such issues, and gain understanding on a culture wholly different than our own here in the US. The final week will be spent touring Norway, specifically Oslo, Bergen, and Voss. While my studies are priority (of course), it won’t hurt to explore the culture… it is all part of the experience, right? So I’ve been researching places to go and see in my free time. I’ll have to post around-up when I get back (or during, if you’re lucky), but here is a few excellent posts that are shaping my plans:

It’s a little surreal to think about, considering I’ve never traveled longer than one week anywhere nor traveled alone. I’m looking forward to a trip of a lifetime!

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