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Ancient Planter SecretJune 20, 2012

Joey Roth‘s newest design, Planter, is derived from an old system… not unlike his modern interpretation of the phonograph with his Ceramic Speakers.

Planter is made from unglazed earthenware (a naturally porous material) and has a core vessel which slowly irrigates the soil, as shown below. This sustainable water conservation technique, called Olla, is still used today in dry climates.

Planter is available for pre-order now for only $45.

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Gardening for KidsNovember 22, 2011

A new children’s book has popped up over at Woolly Pocket – Dudley and Omar’s Moving Garden, meant to teach the youngsters about responsible gardening. As a parent, I find that teaching my daughter something makes me see it on a whole new level, as well as teaching me a thing or two. It’s on my life list to start a garden and maybe this will be the ticket to cross this one off!

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Shift_DesignMay 31, 2011








A sweet place to grow some herbs, eh? Cedar Herb Box by Shift_Design

Photo by Sam Oberter


Last week I started a new position at Greenable in Northern Liberties – a headquarters for green building materials, finishes, and then some. Mario from Shift_Design had stopped by to update us on new product. The Fitzwater rainwater collector currently resides in the front of the showroom, and I was sold simply on that gorgeous system. I soon popped on over to their new website and saw the installed products he was telling us about – the Cedar herb box (above), the Edgley window box, the Funston fire-pit (which can double as an ice chest).

They also do custom pieces AND keep it green with a 120-mile manufacturing radius, recycled content, and 100% recyclable product. It’s smart, efficient design. Period.

Check out even more on the website, including beautiful installation photos by Sam Oberter of their modern pieces on the oldest residential street in the country.

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Philly Green WallMarch 28, 2011

I’m doing research for a class regarding improving upon an existing Philadelphia neighborhood and am wondering why Philly isn’t embracing green walls as much as green roofs? Sure, new taxes are driving horizontal surfaces to be green, but these luscious planted walls from Philly Green Wall would make even the grittiest neighborhoods beautiful. Puts a whole new spin on “urban jungle,” eh?

[Images via Philly Green Wall – Hutchinson Street, Phila]

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Flower HomesMarch 9, 2011

Pretty ikibanaMedulla vases have me anxiously awaiting spring flowers!

[Found via jocundist]

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