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Eyes + EarsMarch 4, 2011

SONG: The Kinks / “Well-Respected Man

ART: Angela Rossi / “Mr. Felid Portrait

A classic song for a sophisticated feline.

Have a great weekend!

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Eyes + EarsFebruary 11, 2011

Today I’m representing for all the non-Valentine’s Day fans and for all who will have their hearts broken right before Valentine’s Day (bastards). Here’s something to get you through it.

SONG: Rilo Kiley / “Breakin’ Up

ART: Mari Lowery / “Wrong Number

Have a great weekend!

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Eyes + Ears [Double Feature]February 4, 2011

Brennan Gilbert submitted not one, but TWO songs to me (thanks, man). Very different, too. First up was a sultry house beat with (potentially) nonsensical Portuguese lyrics. It brought me back to my days in college as a hip-hop choreographer:

SONG: Thievery Corporation / “So Com Voce”

ART: Beth Kennedy / “A Little More Silence”

And next is a pretty acoustic song – simple and honest, like it’s paired object:

SONG: The Voyces / “Relate to Me

OBJECT: Sighn / It’s OK Forever Wood Piece

It’s weird how subjective music and art are for each of us, but I love blending them together. And your submissions of either art, object, or music help to introduce some new inspiration to my world. Thanks again for the challenge, Brennan!

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Eyes + EarsJanuary 29, 2011

Okay, go with me on this one…

SONG: The Morning Benders / “Excuses

OBJECT: AM Radio / Antique Fireworks Crate












A friend recommended I listen to the song and I’ve fallen in love. Though this pretty song got me thinking of some swirly piece of art, it was the poetic lyrics made me think of finding something old and worn from years of wear and tear. I found this box at AM Radio – t’would make for lovely storage for romantic notes and such, eh?

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Eyes + EarsJanuary 21, 2011

I’ve been developing my new and improved blog (coming soon) and wanted to share a weekly feature I’m thinking about. “Eyes + Ears” is a challenge to match music with art or an object:

SONG: Ryan Adams & the Cardinals / “Breakdown Into the Resolve

ART: Virginia Kraljevic / “Cave


Yay? Nay? Feel free to submit your favorite song or art / object. We’ll see how I do. Thanks, husband, for offering up your fave RA song!

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