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Belated Merry Holidays to You and Yours…January 7, 2013

I hope you each had a wonderful holiday, or in the least, survived. I was too busy doing next to nothing and loving it to wish you happy holidays from the Adjemians (that’s uh-GEM-ee-uhns, for the 98% that stumble on the name). Just kidding! After wrapping up my thesis on December 5th, I spent the holidays with some much-needed bonding time with family and friends. We even made a last-minute trip to New Hampshire to surprise a friend for his birthday on New Year’s Eve. I’m shocked at our spontaneity, and hope it’s a sign of things to come in 2013.

Here’s an obliging Instagram roundup of our holiday season:

  • Above: Foraging at my father’s house for wreaths + boughs
  • Top Row: Harvest Coffee with all the trimmings / Lucy gets a ” ‘tar” from Santa / Branch trees to add festivity to my sister-in-law’s hotel suite.
  • Middle Row: Tom carries the tree home from a local shop… / with a little help… / and ta-da!
  • Bottom Row: Pink snow bunny slumber / Snow couple + the photo-bomber / New Year’s Eve breakfast at the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH
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