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Ancient Planter SecretJune 20, 2012

Joey Roth‘s newest design, Planter, is derived from an old system… not unlike his modern interpretation of the phonograph with his Ceramic Speakers.

Planter is made from unglazed earthenware (a naturally porous material) and has a core vessel which slowly irrigates the soil, as shown below. This sustainable water conservation technique, called Olla, is still used today in dry climates.

Planter is available for pre-order now for only $45.

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Royal Copenhagen ContrastJune 20, 2011

I fell in love with Royal Copenhagen’s Contrast line – creamy white porcelain + bright silicone = functional beauty. There’s even fluted canisters with silicone seals to mix and match.

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Easter Egg Cups by Rob RyanMarch 31, 2011

I’m debating on doing the good-mother thing and dying eggs with Lucy (she’s 18 months) or skipping it until she’s older and demanding it. Yes, it sounds lazy but I don’t want to burn out on fun kid things while she’s too young to remember. Also, have you recently tried doing anything with an 18-month-old? It’s 10 times messier and louder than you’d think.

In any event, these new adorable egg cups by Rob Ryan are making me think the “good-mother” tradition could benefit me…

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Flower HomesMarch 9, 2011

Pretty ikibanaMedulla vases have me anxiously awaiting spring flowers!

[Found via jocundist]

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