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Castor is French for BeaverJanuary 14, 2013

CASTOR IS FRENCH FOR BEAVER from Castor Design on Vimeo.

Take 6 minutes and 42 seconds out of your day to be inspired by these industrial artists / restauranteurs / punk rockers whose high-low design innovations are inciting greatness and mayhem all at once.

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A Bridge to Tappan ZeeFebruary 7, 2012

© Milagros Lecuona

So apparently the Tappan Zee Bridge is scheduled for demolition? I’ll admit I’m quite busy at the bottom half of New Jersey, where we choose to attach ourselves to Philadelphia instead of NYC. However, I still think I should have known. At least someone is ahead of the game. Actually, a few people. The Tappan Bridge Park Alliance initiative, led by Greenburgh Supervisor Paul Feiner and White Plains Councilwoman Milagros Lecuona, has started a petition to save the bridge and restore it as a park and walking path. Originally proposed by resident Jean Schneider in a letter to the governor, the park is a way for New York to re-envision the structure for a similar purpose – connecting two pieces of land across a river – but with a different mentality. It’s an interesting concept that few other cities have considered. The project’s mission has realistic aspirations, beginning with a feasibility study to determine whether it is, in fact, possible. I’d assume the next step would be to determine the fiscal responsibility and maintenance of establishing the linear park, all while garnering support for the project.

I can safely say that I’d rather be skipping with an ice cream cone than sitting in gridlock. And it would probably take just as long to cross the Hudson River by foot than inch across in my car.

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I’ve decided…April 5, 2011

This a common phrase my other half hears me say often. It means that I have found a new project or cause to take on. It doesn’t mean that I will come anywhere near accomplishing them most of the time, but it is a moment where I dedicate myself entirely to something, however fleeting. The famous decision he teases me about is, “I’ve decided I need to make a sofa for this room.” So that has been the running joke in our house, though I still intend to make a sofa one day! It’s on my life list, I swear. Anyway, I think I’ll share my decisions with you to give him a break once in a while…

So today, in this moment, I have decided that I want to find a project with an open space plan to lend my interior design skills (anyone in desperate need of how to outfit their huge space?). This home by Postgreen and Interface Studio featured in this month’s Dwell, inspired the “decision”:

Photo by Mark Mahaney

[Photo by Mark Mahaney]

Basic materials with little clutter – the way living should be. I’m in a purging mood, so bare and simple-to-manage interiors are drawings me in. The balance of this kitchen come together so beautifully – the equal-width upper and lower cabinets, horizontal straight lines of all the surfaces, and the character in the dining room table and concrete floor against the clean white and black. (I’ll take two, please.)

Photo by Mark Mahaney

[Photo by Mark Mahaney]

This nursery just speaks for itself. Clean and simple, though the other side of the room is a more realistic view of the needs of a babe. Now I find myself wanting to re-do Lucy’s room for a fresh start. She’s a toddler now and has seemingly outgrown her baby toys. She needs rooms for her growing book collection (and dress-up stuff she’ll soon be amassing, the diva she is!).

Be sure to check out the rest of the home here and try their Project Customization tool to create your own house, learning how to keep a budget with REAL pricing. You can check my design out right here.

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