iPhone gone Mid-Century

March 1, 2011

Nope. I have no good excuse for leaving you the way I did. I even went and joined the 21st century and got internet on my phone when Verizon and Apple finally hooked up. Rather than be submerged in constant interwebbing and social networking, I’ve been overwhelmed. I’d blame it on the winter blues, but Jersey has had some fine 60+ degree days. So we begin a new month and I’m pushing myself to at least do the bare minimum, hoping to sprint past and maybe accomplish something on my resolution list. I did bake nutritious oat bran muffins today – that counts, right?

Oh yeah, I decked out my pretty new phone with a white bumper and a walnut skin from Recover. I usually go with the basic free one when my plan allows an upgrade so I feel spoiled with such a cool new gadget!

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