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September 25, 2012

Until my daughter’s preschool required printed photos of her a few weeks ago, I realized we hadn’t physically printed a photo in over 2 years! I always mean to, but there’s always excuses – the USB drive didn’t work at Target (argh!), the account login page at Walgreen’s was down the day I tried, my printer was out of ink… But 2 years? C’mon, Jamie. Get it together.

Well, now I’m smitten over Moleskine‘s newest collaboration with MILK Photo Books – aptly named the Moleskine Photo Book. Since we upgraded the family camera to a DSLR, we’ve snapped some pretty amazing shots of our kid and such. [Wait – rewind that a little – since we upgraded our lens for a larger aperture, we’ve captured some great non-blurry images of our running toddler.] While I’ve used other book-printing services in the past, the combination of both companies’ signature details make it a truly unique collaboration. Moleskine’s classic black journal, with its sleek lay-flat binding and rounded edges, gets an inset cover photo and a linen sleeve (with the plus upgrade) from MILK for a perfect modern family album.

Production starts in October, but you can pre-order right here. They’d also make for a great portfolio, yes? Or custom storybook for the little one? Oh, the possibilities!

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