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March 15, 2012

Scientists, musicians, and researchers in the UK are busy… working on a “paper app.” 

“The Listening Post” is an example of such an app in development. It’s an interactive concert poster that allows viewers to press on conductive ink to hear clips of music from different bands – even book tickets! While it’s still in the beginning stages of production, this could mean a whole new kind of media interaction. ”We’re trying to recapture some of the tactile experience you got with vinyl records. There’s a really different reaction from users to physical media as opposed to digital media, especially when it comes to music,” said Paul Thomas, head of the Liverpool-based Uniform agency that helped co-ordinate the poster’s creation.

“Printing” music with conductive ink seems relatively inexpensive, so we may be experiencing this new technology soon – tapping along the walls at Starbucks or sending less-bulky singing cards to friends and family. My question (of course) – how do we recycle that? 

via BBC

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