Happy Days

June 5, 2012

Hi there.

Things look a bit different around here, eh? Well, that’s just the start of it…

General Merriment will be changing its course a little, and I hope you will stick around. You see, I started this blog as a sort of experiment. I had no plans but to share beloved things found and made. However, over a year and half later, I’ve been inspired to do more with this blog. In partnership with my new business venture General Habitat, a sustainable interior design service, General Merriment will be incorporating a thoughtful collection of posts highlighting the value of everyday living. Sounds a bit existential, I know, but it comes from a personal reflection of my family and work life, and realizing that the two do not have to be mutually exclusive. I want to inspire you, as others have inspired me, to live a life of meaning and balance – through beauty, through humor, through food.. really anything that makes your heart sing. For me, I believe in surrounding yourself with reminders – people, places, or things – that tell your story, sing your song, make you feel proud to be who you are. From childhood into the twilight years, we can live a good life without following the fads, spending savings, and being selfish.

General Merriment is my happy place, and I dare say it just got a little bit happier.

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