First day + more news

September 5, 2013

Lucy had her first day of school today, which means I had my first day of freedom in a while. While I miss the nugget, she was so excited to go back. She is in the same class with the same teachers and knows most of her classmates, so the familiarity is quite comforting. With all this child-free time, what shall I do you ask? While I’ve been doing some interior design – mostly CAD drafting for another firm, small project management, and Form +Function design development – I’ve been quite engrossed in my family’s coffee roastery. We will celebrate one year at our shop on October 20 and it’s growing in leaps and bounds! We are all excited and anxious since the business is still new and, of course, has growing pains. E-commerce, wholesale, open markets, oh my!

Speaking of growing pains…

We are having a boy! Or, as the ultrasound technician joked, possibly a girl with a third leg (I didn’t say it was a good joke). We are over the moon and quite excited to have a “rich man’s family,” as several people have congratulated us on (despite neither of us never having heard of the phrase). We feel rich, indeed, to be able to experience raising both a daughter and a son. We intended to only have two children so finding out the sex helped ease my nerves about what to expect. I still have no idea how to raise a boy, but we’re seemingly decent at raising a girl. I think we’ll do fine. Now the hard part… names! We have a few in mind but won’t know until we meet the fella.

My excitement has already led me to start filling up the nursery Pinterest board, and I have half a mind to conquer the mountain of girl clothes and toys I’ve hoarded in the attic. However, there’s always that tiny fear that the ultrasound was wrong (which happened to a friend), like finding out there was a twin hiding behind (which happened to an acquaintance). I’m due for another ultrasound in 12 weeks so we’ll see if anything changes. In the meantime, I’ll have to add this little guy to my list of clients because there isn’t much room for him in our home yet. Fortunately for me, this may lead to renovations including a better office

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