FIELD TRIP – Clover Market

May 18, 2012

Last year I heard so many wonderful things about Clover Market but had conflicts with almost every date. So yesterday I fought my way through the traffic of Philadelphia to get to Ardmore and see things for myself. It was a lovely day to be out and about, so lovely that I made it a family affair with Tom and Lucy. I met some new local vendors with handmade and vintage wares, including Made by Liddy, whose paper Kusadama balls made me want to get an early start to Christmas shopping (I’ve done it before).

I even loved her signage, which was the nailhead-and-string effect that I’ve been noticing a lot lately. Nevertheless, Liddy’s booth was simple and inspiring – I’m looking forward to what she cooks up in the future!

I also stopped by Chez Sucre Chez, as I always do when I know Kimberly will be at a fair, to pick up some gifts for upcoming birthdays, weddings, and other spring engagements. I love her handkerchief kits and recently made a coordinated pair for my cousin’s wedding – a “Mr.” and “Mrs.” set. Her vintage hankies are so pretty / handsome and also quite sturdy. Tom has had his for years and it’s still going strong. We also picked up a few lavender strawberry sachets for Lucy, whose soothing scent worked like a charm to put her asleep for the car ride home!

Another vendor I love to admire is Little Flower Designs. Linda Johnson’s newest line is fantastic – stretching bird feathers into neat lines of chevron on her vases and bowls. Her color palette is also rich and able to transition with any season. I could have taken home the whole stack of little bowls, which we both agreed are perfect for that “one” scoop of ice cream we allow ourselves.

Our final stop was Meadowsweet Vintage, where I met the husband-and-wife team of Michael and Stacy. They had a fabulous garden settee and tables for an unbelievable $160! I’m still trying to wrap my head around how and where it will fit into our backyard, which is currently a blank slate in desperate need of inspiration…

I’m so glad to find yet another great source for local vintage – can’t wait to visit the shop soon!

Photos by Jamie

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