The First Roast / June 7, 2012

September 26, 2012

I’ve always known my father to be a coffee drinker, but never quite knew his passion for the brew. Then this past March, he traveled to Vermont for a week-long course on coffee-roasting, where he fell even more in love with the craft.

What started as a leisurely hobby quickly grew into a business over the summer. My father, the “master roaster” (which sounds like he needs a scepter and cape), is the brain behind the operation. He’s so serious about the coffee experience that he’s corrected me for using my French Press wrong for years (here’s the real way to do it – which I’ll admit is much better). My brother, Joey, became his business partner and started selling pounds of coffee like hotcakes. Together, they’ve thrown themselves into a brick-and-mortar roast shop in nearby historic Medford, NJ, set to open next month!

It’s been really exciting to see both of them doing something they love, and it’s rubbed off on the rest of the family. I had the opportunity to design the store and the company branding, which I’m so excited to share with you soon. My younger siblings also stepped up: Zach, RN, has been helping with construction round the clock; and Devin, future RN, will have a kitchen there to bake up some tasty concoctions. Harvest Coffee will officially debut next month and I’m so excited – and proud – to share it!

These photos were taken during his first roast on June 7, 2012, with us kids (and a grandkid somewhere…) in tow to witness the special moment.


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