Hello there.

I’m Jamie, a sarcastic, no-nonsense type of girl. But nothing puts a twinkle in my eye like good, honest, smart design. General Merriment is my happy place – where I share snippets of my life, inspiration, and other things I think you ought to know.
Other things that make my happy, in no particular order:
Cardigans. I tend to freak out when I’m too hot or cold. We’re all in better company when I dress in layers.
Coffee. I feel smarter with a hot drink in my hand. And my family owns a roastery to keep the addiction going.
Vases and vessels. I own more than I know what to do with, yet still I accumulate more.
Prep bowls. Everything is better mise en place.
Rock concerts. Because nothing compares to the energy of a crowd belting out the lyrics together.

You can also find me at General Habitat, where I offer modern and sustainable design services for interiors, events, and really any other challenge you’d like to throw my way. I currently live in New Jersey (thisclose to Philadelphia) with my husband, Tom, our daughter, Lucy, and our cats, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury.