A Punch of Color

August 31, 2011

Just as the summer comes to an end, I suddenly want it last a little longer. And I want it to be in this beach house. Mona Ross Berman, a Pennsylvania-based interior designer, was recently featured in the latest House Beautiful issue for her “Retro Beach House” project. The colors and patterns used bring a fresh energy to beach house design (no offense Pottery Barn). The painted chevron pattern on the dining table (above) gives a clue to what I’m talking ‘bout here. Click below to see some more of my favorite views:

The white dining room is grounded with rich, dark wood floors and accented with citrus and a few wood elements for a clean, modern palette. I’m loving the gentle curves of the Eames chairs against the clean lines of the Parsons table.

How can you not love Cherner stools? Mona shows off these sexy things, contrasting them against white cabinetry. Now I’m not one for window treatments, especially headers, but I’m willing to make an exception here – the shape and color add a punch where it would otherwise be blah, nicely complementing the ceiling, too.

“The doors to the laundry room could have been a lost opportunity—just another pair of white doors,” says Berman. “But we felt they shouldn’t be an afterthought. Painting them orange made them very visible and special. They read as art.” Indeed, they are. And it makes you WANT to do laundry.


The color combination and application in this house are simply stunning. The same palette runs throughout the house, creating a sense of consistency, but is manipulated to make each space special at the same time. Here, pale blues on the bed and yellow on the wall are freshened up with pinks and a bit of green.


Mona loves her some wallpaper and always finds new and exciting patterns, like this Beetlecat wallpaper by Katie Ridder.


Here’s another great example of stunning papered walls (by Studio Printworks). “Powder rooms are places where you can gild the lily,” says Berman. Oh so true! Don’t you love to walk in a pretty restroom at a restaurant? Well, get it done in your own home and have guests lining up for your loo.


The master bedroom features a painted floor and brings pinks together with coral and orange in a sophisticated and fun way.

Mona is such a terrific lady and I’m so happy for her! I worked with her briefly while working at a local bath and tile showroom years ago. She’s so sweet and uber smart (she used to be a lawyer who went to Brown!) – just like her interiors. Grab the latest HB issue to see more.

Photography by Jonny Valiant

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