A Modern Christening

June 12, 2012

My nephew celebrated both his birthday and his baptism this past weekend. I had tolled over an appropriate, yet modern, baptism gift for a boy. I’d originally set on a print from Sharon Montrose‘s “Babies” collection in The Animal Print Shop, but was short on time and cash. Instead, I conjured up my resourcefulness to make something simple and special. My newfound love of embroidery (fed by Chez Sucre Chez) led me to pull some old fabric scraps, a hoop, and leftover floss to make a small (5″ diameter) wall hanging for little Henry Oliver. The design was a repeat of Lucy’s baptism invitation, one of my favorites in the archives (see below the jump for more).


A little note to conveniently tidy up the back.

Little bits of linen fringe the tops of the waves, and his initials appear in the bottom corner.

Lucy’s invite.

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