a la alison

January 28, 2013

Anyone remember a ways back when I asked you to vote for my friend Alison of a la Alison? Her braised pork belly tacos ended up winning the contest for Best Chili Pepper Recipe and is now being featured in Food52’s latest cookbook. So proud of this lady! She’s been gallivanting around the world being all pretty and talented lately. Like you, I follow her on Instagram (if you don’t, you’d better) and I dream of the places she explores and meals she shares.

Instagram by @alaalison

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Castor is French for Beaver

January 14, 2013

CASTOR IS FRENCH FOR BEAVER from Castor Design on Vimeo.

Take 6 minutes and 42 seconds out of your day to be inspired by these industrial artists / restauranteurs / punk rockers whose high-low design innovations are inciting greatness and mayhem all at once.

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Lilli Carre

January 11, 2013

While trolling through one of the blackest holes on the internet (that would be amazon.com), I came upon the work of Lilli Carré, a young cartoonist with hauntingly beautiful work. I originally judged her books by their covers (rightfully so, pretty as they are) and tagged a few for Lucy. Then I found my way over to her site, where I soon realized this ain’t no literature for youths. Well, not yet, anyway…

Excerpt from “Tales of  Woodsman Pete”

While I’ll hold off on sarcastic comics for the tween age, I myself was inspired by her work, including her “moving drawings” and the Eyeworks Festival she co-directs with Alexander Stewart, exploring old and new forms of experimental animation. Check out her site, tumblr, and/or blog for more, because this artist is on the rise, kids.

“Heads or Tails”

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Belated Merry Holidays to You and Yours…

January 7, 2013

I hope you each had a wonderful holiday, or in the least, survived. I was too busy doing next to nothing and loving it to wish you happy holidays from the Adjemians (that’s uh-GEM-ee-uhns, for the 98% that stumble on the name). Just kidding! After wrapping up my thesis on December 5th, I spent the holidays with some much-needed bonding time with family and friends. We even made a last-minute trip to New Hampshire to surprise a friend for his birthday on New Year’s Eve. I’m shocked at our spontaneity, and hope it’s a sign of things to come in 2013.

Here’s an obliging Instagram roundup of our holiday season:

  • Above: Foraging at my father’s house for wreaths + boughs
  • Top Row: Harvest Coffee with all the trimmings / Lucy gets a ” ‘tar” from Santa / Branch trees to add festivity to my sister-in-law’s hotel suite.
  • Middle Row: Tom carries the tree home from a local shop… / with a little help… / and ta-da!
  • Bottom Row: Pink snow bunny slumber / Snow couple + the photo-bomber / New Year’s Eve breakfast at the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, NH
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