Wired Sculpture

September 27, 2011

Trophy Elk Wire Sculpture by Bud Bullivant. His unique, handmade wire sculptures often use found materials and express his love of nature. He describes them as “one of a kind, three-dimensional drawings [that] delight viewers as their appearance changes depending on the angle and the lighting.” Truth.

Trout Wire Sculpture

Handcrafted Rainbow Trout Stream Wire Sculpture

via Etsy

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hard graft Life

September 23, 2011

What’s a guy to do when he has too much stuff for pockets but doesn’t want a man purse? hard graft is bridging the gap for those too timid to embrace their inner metrosexual with their Square1 Holdall. It’s a bag, it’s a backpack, it’s perfect! And the Personal Pouch – an excellent means to carry your notebook, pens, and a snack while biking about town. Don’t have a bike? Carry a u-lock in your back pocket – people will get the picture. Both are available in a light DRIFTWOOD or dark CAMPFIRE hues.

Also new, the BACK2BACK Rucksack (below) in black, brown, or my favorite, grey. They perfectly describe it as a “multi-functional bag. 100% rucksack. 100% messenger bag. 100% briefcase.” So business or party, you are ready to go. Consider it the mullet of man bags… actually don’t. Mullets are bad.

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Feline Geodomes

September 21, 2011

I’ve got felines on the brain since my 9yr-old tabby, David Bowie, has been sick this summer. I dropped him of this morning for an x-ray to find out if he’s better and will hopefully get positive feedback from the vet later on. Anyway, I came across these Geodomes by Elizabeth Paige Smith at Design Public and thought they’d be an excellent place for Bowie and his brother, Freddie Mercury, to hang out in style in the living room. Bonus – they can scratch away at the corrugated cardboard and NOT my furniture! You’d barely recognize my Jonathan Adler daybed since Freddie’s been clawing at it.

Throw in this Kittypod and they’ll never leave… except when you open that can of tuna.

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September 20, 2011

Hooray for Instagram! I use this app daily and am so excited for the new v2.0 features, like these filters. I like being able to take a picture and immediately reminisce as if it were taken years before. Instant nostalgia, so to speak.

Found via 9to5Mac (+ hwentworth)

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Darling Dresses

September 14, 2011

I’ve been a fan of Darling Dexter for years now, traveling along with Whitney as she left her graphic design job in New York for photography classes at SCAD, then back up to NY for fashion when her photography passion uncovered a love for fashion design. Along the way she and her “hub” (so funny when she talks about Dustin) started up an amazing photography company. My “hub” and I are hoping we can one day commission the two for some family portraits. And maybe, through osmosis, catch some of their entrepreneurial amazingness.

Now she’s back down South and just covered a new line of wedding gear that is just what the industry needed – heartfelt, homemade, and fresh. While I’ve already had (ok, survived) my own wedding day (3 years yesterday!), I can’t wait to tell my engaged friends about her new line. Maybe I’ll get myself a purdy little dress for their big day. Or any day, really. These dresses can really work anywhere! So congrats, Whitney! You work hard and I’m proud of you.

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Tracy’s Trestles

September 12, 2011

Stacking Tracy’s Trestles by studiomama: great for table legs or a perch by the counter. Bonus points for stacking up and keeping slim.

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