May 31, 2011








A sweet place to grow some herbs, eh? Cedar Herb Box by Shift_Design

Photo by Sam Oberter


Last week I started a new position at Greenable in Northern Liberties – a headquarters for green building materials, finishes, and then some. Mario from Shift_Design had stopped by to update us on new product. The Fitzwater rainwater collector currently resides in the front of the showroom, and I was sold simply on that gorgeous system. I soon popped on over to their new website and saw the installed products he was telling us about – the Cedar herb box (above), the Edgley window box, the Funston fire-pit (which can double as an ice chest).

They also do custom pieces AND keep it green with a 120-mile manufacturing radius, recycled content, and 100% recyclable product. It’s smart, efficient design. Period.

Check out even more on the website, including beautiful installation photos by Sam Oberter of their modern pieces on the oldest residential street in the country.

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Beth Hoeckel

May 26, 2011

I used to love creating collages with a stack of magazines and a tub of Modge Podge when I was a kid. But my art never evoked the imagination and drama of Beth Hoeckel’s work. Her original works cleverly layer imagery which engage the viewer to step inside the frame and look on with the figures. See more collages here.

Found via Anthology

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iPad Love

May 19, 2011


I’m posting this to enter a contest offered by MeridaHome at Design For Mankind! I want to win the iPad 2! (and I love Erin’s shoes!)

This is what Erin recommends I say to you so I can win myself a free iPad. But it would be too mean if I didn’t tell you that you, too, could win it! I’d be just as happy, I swear. I mean, you totally deserve it: you work hard, keep a kid AND a husband alive, get straight A’s, make the world a better place… oh, sorry. I was supposed to be talking about you, right? Well, you ain’t that bad, I s’pose…

Nedrelow’s iPad Sleeve – simple and colorful… perfect for my new iPad, eh?

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What I Bought

May 17, 2011

Tom and I just couldn’t help ourselves last night and scooped up this letterpress number, as well as this one, after reading over some amusing “Dear Blank, Please Blank” submissions and finding Little Sapling Press via Pepper Sprout’s blog.

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Art Star 2011

May 16, 2011

On a miserable and rainy Saturday afternoon, I stopped by the Art Star Craft Bazaar. I was fumbling with my umbrella, coffee, and iPhone, and wasn’t able to get any good pictures. However, here is a roundup of some faves with photos by the artists & crafters themselves:

  1. Modern Bird Mobile by Baby Jives: This booth was utterly ethereal with mobiles floating overhead. Makes me want to pin some wings on Lucy’s birds and re-hang them on a twig.
  2. Toddler Octopus Shirt by Loyal Dog: Every year I am impressed by this booth – always something fresh and new. I loved this sweet, heathered shirt for Lucy.
  3. Do-It-Yourself Kit by Chez Sucre Chez: The ever-adorable Kimberly Scola was there with her sweet and simple modern cross-stitch. Last year I purchased one of her Boyfriend Hankie kits and made one for Tom with my initials (GM for General Merriment). He keeps it in his pocket always which is why I still don’t have a picture of it. He never uses it either – only offers it to me when I need a tissue. Too damn sweet.
  4. Hipster Bingo by Hipster Bingo: Genius! Only I’m sure it would be way too easy in Philly or NYC. But definitely two thumbs up!
  5. Handwoven Greta Scarf by Pidge Pidge: I loved these scarves – lightweight with subtle color. Perfect for chilly summer nights.
  6. Man & Woman Mobile by Specks & Keepings: I ran into Hillery Sproatt’s work Friday afternoon when I stopped by Arcadia with my friend Alison. Her skilled craftsmanship surely shines in each of her pieces, and it seems to run in the family with her daughter Rebe’s mother Debra Weiss’ lovely wearable designs.
  7. Organic Cotton Onesie by Sweet Pepita: Send a favorite old tee or choose from one of the many this shop has for some cool digs for your kid. Or someone else’s little dweeb who needs some serious style – we all know those poor kids whose parents dress them like dolls.
  8. Pom Pompadour Horrible Adorable by Jordan Elise: A new twist on woodland creatures and faux taxidermy, eh? These sizable soft sculptures would make the perfect focal point in any nursery, Or living room.

Despite the weather, the fair did not disappoint. With a pretty even mix of wares – baby, fashion, ceramics, jewelry, stationery – it was a good show.

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DIY Pendant

May 15, 2011

Make your own pendant kit! Pinha by Raw Edges for Materia is a 2-part cork pendant base that lets you cut and pin your own shade at different diameters. My husband would totally approve of this in our home with my ever-changing style. One day I’m all, “I want this REAL baaaad.” I finally get it and then my 2-week timer goes off and then I’m all, “I sort of hate it. We should sell it.” I do this with furniture, paint, carpet, etc. Being a designer just makes you want the newest, coolest stuff ALL the time. But this pendant I could always revamp with pretty papers or fabrics! Too bad I can’t find it for sale – sad.

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Vintage India

May 13, 2011

I’m pretty sure every room in my house needs a quilt hand-stitched in India from vintage saris. Bonus: Sparrow & Co. is coming to the US via Urban Outfitters and Terrain. Hooray!

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What I Made

May 10, 2011

Image created with Instagram

Yesterday, Lucy and I had the day off so we went grocery shopping and I made tons of healthy, yummy food – something my brain and body needed last week during finals crunch time! Click below for the recipes:


– Fruit-Free Granola from Le Petit Appetit. I happened to have all the ingredients in stock so I went for it. It was the first time I made granola and, while it turned a little bland, I will no doubt be experimenting with some more flavorful versions in the future. We’re currently enjoying it with Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt and blueberries, but have a granola bar recipe on hand to use up the 6+ cups I made.

– A variation on the Spring Spread from Le Petit Appetit (the original version is way better but sadly my grocer was out of those ingredients!):

  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 4 tbsp diced red pepper
  • 4 tbsp shredded carrot
  • 4 tbsp diced chives
  • Mix well and enjoy on crackers, pitas, or lick it off the spoon like Lucy does.

Fruit Curry Chicken Salad: This calls for curry but I’ve made it before with cumin instead for a sweeter taste.

– Home-brewed iced tea: I try to keep low-sugar drinks at hand for all the times my husband whines that he’s thirsty. We like Irish Breakfast tea, and try to keep a caffeinated and decaf pitcher to quench thirst at all hours of the day.

  • Fill a quart container with 1/3 boiling water and add 4 tea bags.
  • Once cool, stir in sugar (about 1/4 cup, is necessary) and cold water.

Yay for spring and summer food and drinks!

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Inspired by Iceland

May 2, 2011

Never thought I’d want to go to Iceland… until now. Might have to venture over there while I’m in Scandinavia next month…Found via Paige & Modern

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